Although specializing more in graphic design to decorate a website, I have also been known to create a few information sites myself. I incorporate unique visuals and adhere to current visual branding's the client may have.

I have created websites for Authors, Professional Speakers and a Construction company to name a few.

These are great sites that help to get your storefront business, book or professional speaking career into the global marketplace. Click on any image below to view the site.



A very large website for Princess Clark-Wendel features all the specialties she has to offer. I created all the main design features and had some very special help from Stacey Rayos in implementing forms and menu items I could not do. The site is a wonderful platform for Princess' Professional Speaking and Financial Planning services.


This is a one page information site which focuses on Alan's latest book How to Manage Difficult People. We are currently working on another one page information site for his new book to be released in 2012.


Another fun site for Princess Clark-Wendel, focuses on the needs for today's Businesses!


This is a larger site for Professional Speaker Alan Fairweather. We originally started with his one-sheet design and the website is an extension of his Speaking services.


This site was created for the release of my book Illogical Success, A Creative's Innovative Path, the site is fun and whimsical and for a new author allows a opportunity to also display my web graphics design side. Currently only a two page website for KanPor construction . Ron has been so busy building homes we have not had much time to build his other pages.

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