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Facebook is making some changes to the way we do business, and as your graphic designer so must I. I am pleased to now offer Facebook Business Page TimeLine Cover images. The restrictions on these are pretty tight, the key will be to graphically sell your company as this will be the first thing new prospects see. You will no longer be able to place in special offers or contact information into your graphics so imagery is your selling point. Scroll down to see some of the banners I have created so far.

Facbeook TimeLine Covers for personal and business use will cost 75 USD.

Twitter page set up. Click here to see a list of links to Twitter pages I have designed, Twitter background images are 35 USD





























Here is a small list of Professional Speakers and business owners that I have created custom Twitter background for, click on their name to visit their pages.

Kimb MansonKate NasserJim CathcartRebecca MorganMelvin and Sherrie AllenPrincess Clark-WendelAlan Fairweather

Joe TyeChef JuanDave PertrishanMarla MartensonAmy StevensCaryn Terradas










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