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Kimb knows service. After 22 successful years in the hospitality industry, every aspect of her business revolves around customer satisfaction and completing the job quickly. Clients have often told her they feel like they are in a fine dining room that provides the highest standards, always delivering on time. She has had a creative aura her whole life in both writing and artwork. Her natural love for colors and sense of harmony in hues is what makes her creations unique.

Kimb started Senjula’s Ink studio in 2007 after she became enthralled with the convenience of creating her artwork on the computer. No more paints to clean up, or inks to run dry, and the amount of money she saved on art paper was an extra bonus. Skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator as well as great intuition, she provides high-quality print-ready and functionable web images that add a wow factor to your materials.

Her niche is creating effective designs for professional speakers. She is proud to having served over 88 speakers from beginers to CSPs and Speaker Hall of Fame members.

Her passions also lays in helping out the small business start up, creating a visual brand to make them stand out above the crowd. If you are new to the business world Kimb may just have some special offers for you!

Kimb is a home-based entrepreneur with 2 wonderful sons, one spoiled cat, and a great husband!